Ladies… Let’s Talk About Masturbation!

For many years now the topic of female masturbation has been a taboo. For some reason, people like to believe that females do not masturbate leaving females lacking information on the topic. Now, I’m not claiming to be a sex expert, but I do have a few tips that might help itch that scratch.

First of all, I would like to let anyone reading this know that female masturbation is completely normal! I can guarantee you that most females have tried to masturbate within their lives. For some, it may simply be using a showerhead down there and for others, it may be full-on penetration; as long as it makes you feel good that’s okay.

Tip One: Find your platform!

For some, this may be classic porn, but this isn’t always the case. If porn doesn’t get you in the mood, try reading. There are tones of sites and apps out there that have fantastically written smut and I would recommend exploring them! If not reading, explore the world of the cartoon/comic book porn. You may find out that that tickles your fancy. 

Tip Two: Find what excites you!

What might turn on some people might not be the same for you. Try looking into different strands of porn/smut. Some people are into BDSM, LGBT porn, or even fanfiction. The best way to figure this out is by exploring! Read up on different categories, try out different sites, the internet is a wonderful this – use it.

Tip Three: Choose your weapons wisely! 

The quest for the female orgasm is not as simple as some might hope. Sometimes the use of tools can help. Don’t think that an eight-inch dildo will bring you joy, as for a lot of women, the clit is the main pleasure tool. Explore your own vagina, find out what makes you moan, then bring in reinforcements (such as vibrators and other sex toys) to increase your pleasure.

We are stuck in a pandemic without much to do at the moment. So ladies, go find that orgasm and talk about masturbation with one another! We all deserve that little bit of happiness.


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Author. Poet. Writer. Jaycee Dean is an aspiring writer striving to give all the pieces honesty and flair. Each piece is unapologetically raw with opinions and emotions with no two pieces being the same.

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