Snowflake: A Poem

Sometimes falling in love can be the end of you. I wrote this piece remembering how fragile love can be and how temporary it can feel. Sometimes the people who claim to love you are the people who should have left you alone. You can read more of my poems in my chapbook (Hear Me Scream) on Amazon.

Audio of Snowflake
I loved you like a snowflake. 
You wore no gloves, 
Completely unaware of the cold. 
With palms outstretched I landed on you. 

Mesmerised you studied me. 
All at once my impurities were in front of you. 
But you didn’t call them that. 
To you they were parts of individualities. 

I loved you like a snowflake. 
I had no idea where I was going 
Or what I was doing 
But when I landed on you, I thought I would be safe. 

You held me with such delicacy 
As if you were scared I would run away. 
Only realising far too late that you should have let me fall. 

I loved you like a snowflake. 
Your warm hands which should have been inviting 
Were the route of my downfall. 
We were incompatible. 
But it was too late. 

Trapped in your embraced I didn’t have the chance to leave. 
Your love for me blinding the truth 
That I was not made for you. 

I was not made for you.

I loved you like a snowflake. 
You wouldn’t let me fall. 
So I died in your hands.

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Author. Poet. Writer. Jaycee Dean is an aspiring writer striving to give all the pieces honesty and flair. Each piece is unapologetically raw with opinions and emotions with no two pieces being the same.

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