Walk With Me: A Poem

Street at night

This poem emphasise what it feels like for many women when they walk alone. I originally wrote the piece as a way of contextualising my feeling in regard to the Sarah Everard case; I didn’t post it at that time simply because it felt too soon. After sitting on this piece and adding it into my chapbook (Hear Me Scream) I’m finally ready to add my voice to it.

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We Have Found Our Voices: A Poem

The second wave of the civil rights movement is among us. After going to the Black Lives Matter march in London, I felt the need to write this poem. 

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The Longest Walk: A Short Story


The Longest Walk is a short story of Mia’s graduation ceremony. With emotions running wild, friendships at an end and never ending speeches, will she every make it across that stage?

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The Art Of Forgetting: A Short Story

‘The Art Of Forgetting’ following the protagonist from childhood to her late teens. Each paragraph is a moment of her life; despite everything changing her coping mechanism stays the same.

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