Waves: A Poem

Waves hitting a beach shore.

Confusing lust and love can ruin you if you let it. In this poem, I try and touch upon the moment I saw the truth between me and a lover. Like most things in life, nature has the perfect simile for this moment.

Audio of the poem Waves.
I hear my name claw out of your mouth
A soft raw
A silenced growl
And in this moment I am yours.
With your guard down,
Your eyes on me.
You're amazed now;
I see your vulnerability.
With me full of you
I know that you're scared.
Unsure of what's to come
And who'll be there,
But I am not the one you want by your side.
Just like waves kissing the shore;
I'm only here for a while.

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Author. Poet. Writer. Jaycee Dean is an aspiring writer striving to give all the pieces honesty and flair. Each piece is unapologetically raw with opinions and emotions with no two pieces being the same.

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