Walk With Me: A Poem

Street at night

This poem emphasise what it feels like for many women when they walk alone. I originally wrote the piece as a way of contextualising my feeling in regard to the Sarah Everard case; I didn’t post it at that time simply because it felt too soon. After sitting on this piece and adding it into my chapbook (Hear Me Scream) I’m finally ready to add my voice to it.

Audio of Walk With Me
Walk With Me

Let me show you what it’s like 
to walk at night 
As a woman. 

Do you have your keys? 
Running shoes on your feet? 
Okay, let’s begin. 

You’ll have headphones in,
But your music low, 
So, you can focus on your surroundings. 

Maybe call a friend, 
Or just pretend, 
To look too busy for hounding. 

Walk fifteen minutes extra 
To stay on main roads 
Cause the alley way aren’t safe now 

Avoid the parks, 
Avoid the dark, 
Those are abductors’ playgrounds. 

It’s not safe in cabs,
When you’re alone, 
Unless you have a diversion

Share your location, 
Talk on the phone: 
Let them know that dangers emergent. 

Let me show you what it’s like 
to walk at night 
As a woman. 

Now that you know, 
Where should we begin? 

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Author. Poet. Writer. Jaycee Dean is an aspiring writer striving to give all the pieces honesty and flair. Each piece is unapologetically raw with opinions and emotions with no two pieces being the same.

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